San Jose Marijuana Delivery Service

CALI XPRESS provides same day, curbside marijuana delivery service to San Jose and the entire NORCAL bay area and even SOCAL.

What Marijuana dispensaries deliver in San Jose?

#1 – CALI XPRESS San Jose.


CALI XPRESS – Great Everyday Value with Same-Day, Curbside Delivery

We’re biased, and we made this list of San Jose Dispensaries so we can introduce ourselves.

We’re CALI XPRESS, and we’re a marijuana delivery service for the NORCAL & SOCAL regions, and we think you’ll love our product and service.

Here at Cali Xpress, we are focused on providing same day, curbside delivery of some of the best value marijuana available in the state. We have a unique supply chain which allows us to find flower, edibles, shatter and more at an excellent price. In particular, we work to find high-quality marijuana flower, that can be both very high-quality, at in large ounces and at a great price.

We’ve made a name for ourselves with two lines of products, our best-value ounces and our cheapest ounces.  We’re able to Connect Californians worth an excellent quality product at a great price because we are focused on volume pricing, and we keep our operations very lean..

Steps to Order from CALI XPRESS:

  1. Signup for Free Membership & Get Approved fast
  2. Place your order online & get same-day, curbside delivery
  3. Pay with cash, credit, or credit with a pin upon delivery

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#2 – AirField Supply Co.

Airfield Supply Company is a dispensary based out of San Jose as well, and they have delivery services as well as a physical store you can shop at.

Airfield Supply is a bit more gourmet than we are here at CALI XPRESS, which means you’re paying a premium on many of their products because of the overhead associated with having a physical location.

#3 White Fire Dispensary

Right around the corner from the Santa Clara county fairgrounds is white fire dispensary, another option for San Jose residence to get marijuana delivery or enjoy an in person dispensary experience.

#4 The Guild San Jose

Another San Jose dispensary that provides great service to its residence is The Guild. The guild is also located near the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, it is right down the road by deli by Caliva dispensary.

#5 Bento Delivery

Bento Delivery provides same day marijuana deliver in the San Jose region.  Check out their menu here.

Remember when it comes to enjoying marijuana in San Jose, you’ll want to take a look at the rules concerning cannabis ordinances and regulations here, and you’ll also want to pay close attention to the different values an option to have when it comes to dispensaries.

California Cannabis Rules:

Remember, anyone visiting California, or if you’re new to cannabis use, should probably freshen up on the Cannabis rules.

  • You must be 21 or older to possess or purchase recreational marijuana cannabis.
  • Recreational users are limited to 1 ounce, or 28.5 grams, while medical card holders 8 ounces
  • You can only have 8 grams of concentrates.
  • It’s illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis
  • Legally, you can’t do much in public. You can’t consume, smoke, eat or vape in public, and it’s even illegal to open the package containing cannabis or other products in public.  No parks, sidewalks, businesses or residential areas.


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