As most of us already know, cannabis use is legal for adults in various forms and places throughout the nation. Just because recreational and medical marijuana is legal for many people over the age of 21 years old, it doesn’t mean that they should smoke and ingest their favorite herb in the open. As a matter of fact, most of the cities and states that allow some form of legal marijuana use, don’t allow the use of cannabis in public.

Of course, you can enjoy cannabis in these cities in private residences, such as your house. There are still quite a few reasons to smoke discreetly in the privacy of your own home. For example, nobody should be really smoking weed around babies.

And what about dads and moms who smoke weed before their kids come back home from school? Obviously, most responsible parents who have a cannabis habit will want to keep their favorite pastime a secret from their children, until they reach the appropriate age. We put together a guide that is tailor-made for parents smoking weed, who want to keep their children ignorant of their cannabis habit.

The Guide to Consuming Cannabis Discreetly at Home

  • Perhaps Don’t SMOKE Weed?

Smoking is the most common way that people ingest cannabis. However, it is also the method that produces the most aromatic fumes. And as you already know, the smell of weed smoke is extremely hard to cover up or eliminate.

If you have to completely destroy any and all evidence of weed use, why create the strong-smelling smoke in the first place? If you use marijuana edibles, vapes, patches, lotions, or sublingual drops, you can avoid leaving any stinky evidence of your cannabis habit for your children to detect.

marijuana edibles

  • A Little Help from Your Partner

Hopefully, you happen to be living in a two-parent household and can take your partnership with your significant other to another level. If one of you feel the need to enjoy some cannabis, the other parent can occupy and “block” the kids from stumbling in and ruining a five-minute smoke break.

  • Let the Air Flow

One way to eliminate the powerful odor of marijuana smoke is to let the smoke escape while it is being created. Place your weed spot in an area that is close to a window or a vent, that allows the smoke you exhale to exit the house. If you set up your weed room right and stay diligent about your use of the window/vent, almost all of the smell of the cannabis smoke will be negated. Pair this with a good air freshener or incense after sessions and you will have nothing to worry about!

  • Proper Hygiene Afterward

Marijuana smells so strongly that it will leave evidence of its use on your body as well. After you have a session, you will want to make sure you wash your hands and brush your teeth thoroughly to eliminate any cannabis odors. It is not a bad idea to use deodorants, perfumes, mints, or gum as well, to minimize any telltale signs.

Now that you know how to mask the fact that you are amongst the many dads and moms who smoke weed, perhaps you are ready to imbibe with some of your favorite marijuana goodies.

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