Due to all of the cannabis legalization movements sweeping the country, most Americans are starting to become aware that marijuana can be highly beneficial for their health. As a matter of fact, there are a plethora of scientific studies that confirm many tremendous benefits regular cannabis use can provide for your physical health.

Most people really have no idea how weed affects their mind beyond the famous “high”. Cannabis imbues a variety of different positive health benefits for your brain including anti-seizure and neuroprotective properties. But, the link between someone’s personality and their cannabis use is far less clear. Let’s take a closer look at marijuana’s effect on personality below.

Effects of long-term marijuana use on personality

There is a variety of common personality changes that are often noticed in many cannabis users and we will break a few of these down here. It should be noted that all of marijuana’s effects are a result of the numerous complicated interactions that occur between our bodies and the hundreds of cannabinoids that are released by the plant into our system.

Most of the powerful psychoactive effects (aka “high”) are predominantly caused by THC. However, the effect of THC (otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol) is moderated to a great deal by CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids.

#1: Marijuana users become calmer

It is often noted that people seem to relax and mellow out after a few hits from a joint or bowl. This calming effect is primarily thought to be the effect of the CBD cannabinoid found within the weed. Some people also find the entire ritual of smoking in general (including the breaking up of the herb, loading it into a bowl or twisting it up into a joint/blunt) to be relaxing in its own right, as well.

 effects of long term marijuana use on personality

#2: Marijuana users become more anxious

On the opposite end, sometimes marijuana users can become highly anxious. This cannabis-caused anxiety is primarily caused by THC. These anxious feelings can be further exacerbated if the weed strains that are used have low CBD content. This is why sativa varieties are generally thought to cause panic attacks more often than indica strains.

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough CBD available in the herb to counteract the anxiety caused by the elevated THC content.

#3: Marijuana users become more paranoid

Some scientific studies conducted by Northwestern and Harvard showed that certain parts of the brain, such as the nucleus accumbens and amygdala, can become altered with regular use of marijuana. These regions of the brain are responsible for many of our fear and paranoid sensations.

However, further research needs to be done to determine what role could previous trauma or life events play in causing cannabis-based paranoia.

#4: Marijuana users become less depressed

Cannabis users often seem to be more happy and jovial after a session. This is primarily due to the tremendous pain-relieving physical effects provided by the weed mixed with the psychoactive high. Both of these aspects combined allow people to detach from their current problems and just live in the moment.

By now you should be feeling more knowledgeable about the effects of long term marijuana use on personality. You might also be feeling a growing inclination to use a little herb yourself.

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