San Francisco Cannabis Stores:

The 7 Best Dispensaries in San Francisco


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Dispensaries are high-end experiences that are an essential part of the bay area community, perfect for special occasions.

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Before we jump into this extensive guide to the various dispensaries in downtown San Francisco, we want to talk to you a little bit about who we are. Cali Xpress is a marijuana delivery dispensary and our mission is to help deliver the best value cannabis to the bay area. The various dispensaries around us provide amazing experiences, they have Large teams of highly specialized staff, and even their physical locations are often breathtaking.

We provide excellent pricing, delivery, quality of product to our customers, thousands of times a month,

In this quick guide, we feature the seven best San Francisco cannabis dispensaries for…

  1. A boutique lounge experience
  2. Large quantities of affordable flower
  3. High-end cannabis
  4. Vaping selection
  5. Edible selection
  6. CBD selection
  7. Convenient hours and broad selection

No matter what you’re looking for, one of these dispensaries and delivery services is bound to satisfy your cannabis cravings.  

Best Luxury Dispensary– MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary

  • Location: Mission Boulevard, Mission District
  • Who For: Tech-head Smokers, Connoisseurs, Vapers, Home Delivery
  • Best in Category: Literally the fanciest, most futuristic cannabis retailer in town with out-of-this-world buds
  • Smoking Area: No
  • Delivery: Yes — San Francisco, Daly City, San Mateo, Bay Area
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Dolores Park, Valencia Street

Medithrive Menu Highlights

Stepping into this Mission District dispensary is like stepping into the future of cannabis retail.

With the feel of a high-tech laboratory, you know you’ve found the creme-de-la cannabis the second you arrive.

MediThrive’s location on Mission Blvd, near the 16th Street Bart Station, started as a medical cannabis dispensary in 1996, then went recreational in 2009.

With samples of hand-selected marijuana held aloft on platforms inside glass containers throughout the store, you can see that the MediThrive team is in the pursuit of pioneering cannabis dispensing.

Taking weed seriously, without being stuffy, this multi award-winning dispensary aims to elevate the customer experience.

Forget sniffing buds. Forget magnifying glasses. MediThrive places your sample under a high-zoom HD camera for a scientific view of your gorgeous buds that you can’t get anywhere else.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

With ample parking, and hundreds of products, from smokeables and edibles to vapes and concentrates, with a superb delivery service covering the entire San Fran area, and a promise to match any advertised price (5% off), MediThrive is a firm favourite of the scene.

In the Vicinity

MediThrive is conveniently located near Dolores Park, a super laid back haven in the midst of the city.

Head over for some chill vibes and a like-minded community.

If you fancy something a little more upbeat, mozy on over to Valencia Street — overflowing with thrift stores and street murals, the upbeat community vibe will keep you entertained for hours.

There’s also an abundance of food and drink to fill your belly, including some of the best falafel spots and coffee shops in town.

Looking for a public space to kick back on a rainy day?

In this people-friendly part of town, the city has turned old parking bays into cafe-style seating to balance out the pedestrian-to-car ratio.

Best Everyday Value and Delivery – Cali Xpress

  • Location: Bay Area
  • Who For: Smokers wanting the Best THC-to-$ Ratio, Bulk Buying, Home Delivery
  • Best in Category: Low overheads and strong relationships with growers means excellent value and quality products delivered right to your door
  • Smoking Area: N/A — Delivery Only
  • Delivery: Yes — Entire Bay Area
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Anything you like — they come to you!

Menu Highlights

Cheapest Ounce: Double Glue

Best Value Bud: Zkittlez

Highest THC Content: Maui Dream

You shouldn’t have to go broke to get your medicine, and Cali Xpress is on a mission to bring the best value of organic marijuana to Cali cannabis users.

From their base in Oakland, Cali Xpress delivers big bags at affordable prices to the entire Bay Area.

If you want to buy bulk for regular home use, it’s hard to beat these buds.

Their blooming relationships with growers and suppliers means that Cali Xpress brings their customers massive savings, and allows them to operate in the sweet spot of quality, quantity and value.

Focusing on smaller flowers, and brokering deals with some of the most dedicated cultivators and suppliers in the region, Cali Express has quickly been cornering the Bay Area cannabis delivery market.

Their low overheads and even lower costs means more savings and the best-value weed in the area.

Their easy online ordering and reliable delivery lets you skip the drive to a dispensary and have your medicine delivered straight to your door.

The more you buy, the more you save, and medical marijuana patients can order up to eight ounces at a time.

With their expertise, dedication and very competitive pricing, the only thing standing between you and a big ol’ smoke is the click of a button.

Best Cannabis Lounge and Dispensary – Barbary Coast Dispensary 

  • Location: Mission Street, near Union Square
  • Who For: Classy Smokers, On-Site Medical & Recreational Dabbing, Vaping & Smoking Home Delivery, Dabbers & Vapers
  • Best in Category: A classy lounge with a speakeasy feel — the smokers equivalent of a high-end drinkery.
  • Delivery: Yes — San Francisco at Large
  • Smoking Area: Yes — Dabbing in-store, Smoking & Vaping in a Separate Lounge
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Chinatown (Dragon’s Gate), North Beach (Italian Vibes)

Menu Highlights

Highest THC Content: THCA Crystalline

Barbary Coast is the city’s premier dabbing lounge with all the trimmings of a high-end speakeasy.

Located near the Moscone Convention Center and Union Square, it’s a must-visit if you want to enjoy top-shelf cannabis right in the store.

Originally opened in 2013 as a medical cannabis dispensary, Barbary Coast has evolved with San Francisco’s insatiable pot scene.

Although it isn’t the only San Fran cannabis retailer to allow customers to smoke on-site, it’s the only one with a separate adjoining lounge.

The Bay Area is filled with swanky venues for drinking alcohol, but thanks to Barbary Coast, weed smokers now have a classy lounge of their own.

From stained glass lighting and exposed brick to Art Deco accents and banquettes, Barbary Coast encompasses an authentic Prohibition Era vibe.

And of course, they offer a broad selection of flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles and topicals.

In The Vicinity

Barbary Coast is snuggled up against Chinatown, so you might as well head for Dragon’s Gate to soak up the best of what this district has to offer.

The sights, smells and tastes will take your pot buzz (and you taste buds) to the next level.

Or if you’d prefer more of an Italian flavor on your tongue, head over to North Beach where you’ll find some of the best pizza and gelato on the West Coast.

It’s also home to some of the area’s best strip clubs if that floats your boat.

Best Vaping Selection – The Apothecarium

    • Location: Castro – Market St. / Soma – Howard St. / Marina – Lombard St.
    • Who For: Smokers with an eye for aesthetics, Seniors, First-Time Users, Out-Of-Towners new to the scene
  • Best in Category: Carefully sourced, high-end vaping brands (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD). Elite-feeling dispensary and products at accessible prices 
  • Delivery: No — Online Order with In-Store Pick-Up available
  • Smoking Area:  Yes
  • Cool Things In Vicinity: The Ferry Building, Rincon Park

Menu Highlights

Best Value: Wedding Cake 

The Apothecarium rivals some of San Francisco’s finest hotels with its chic, clean interior design. 

Their restaurant-style menu includes some of the finest vape products available on the market today. 

With carefully selected strains of Indica and Sativa, as well as hybrid strains, specialist CBD pods and top-quality disposable vapes, The Apothecarium doesn’t mess around when it comes to vaping.

In any of their three San Francisco stores (Castro on Market Street, Soma on Howard Street, and Marina on Lombard Street) you’ll feel like part of the cannabis elite. 

Their luxurious aesthetic is matched by a five-star customer service experience. 

With as much care and attention put into their vaping selection as everything else they do, vaping at the Apothecarium is like the 21st-century equivalent of Tea at the Ritz.

Yet, despite the opulent feel, their pricing is very much aimed at ordinary smokers.

Consistently recognised for their approach and design (Awarded Best-Designed Dispensary by Architectural Digest), The Apothecarium’s expertise and tailored approach to customers, coupled with their desire to educate as well as push product, makes it the ideal spot for introducing yourself and others to the world of cannabis. 

In the Vicinity

The Soma Dispensary is an indoor-outdoor market space filled with arts and crafts to dazzle the senses of the most seasoned smokers, and of course there is plenty of food too.

Located right by the Ferry Building, a San Francisco institution, it’s a dream destination of post-cannabis consumption.

If you’re after more of a chilled-out vibe, head to Rincon Park to enjoy the beautiful Bow & Arrow sculpture and the views of the Bay Bridge.

Best Edible Selection – Flower to the People

    • Location: 2nd St. (Just off Market St.) 
    • Who For: Weed Eaters and Drinkers, Recreational & Medical users seeking knowledgeable, community dispensary 
    • Best in Category: 100+ edible products — something for every taste bud. Weed tea and weed cookies to go with it all under one roof
  • Delivery: No
  • Smoking Area: No
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Transamerica Pyramid, Secret Rooftop Parks, Golden Girls, Oasis Grill

Menu Highlights

Best Value (Edible): Big Pete’s Double Chocolate Cookies

Flower to the People is an unpretentious rebel of a store dispensing good tastes, good highs and good vibrations from their North San Francisco base.

Tucked away on 2nd, a little behind Market Street, Flower to the People is your friendly neighbourhood cannabis corner store, and they’ve got the community covered when it comes to edibles! 

With 115 unique products and counting, whether you prefer to drink your cannabis in a tea or treat yourself to a bar of sativa chocolate, you’ll find it here. 

From cookies, gummies, beers and honey shots, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud, and every desired high, including a cannabis wine from Rebel Coast!

In The Vicinity

After you’ve chowed down on some fine edibles, wander up to the Transamerica Pyramid, a trippy sight to say the least. 

The area also has a slew of secret rooftop parks and is home to possibly the world’s only all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet in a strip club: Golden Girls – open day and night. 

If you prefer something a little simpler to satisfy the hunger pangs, Oasis Grill is spot on. 

Best CBD Selection – Mission Cannabis Club

    • Location: Mission St.
    • Who For: CBD & CBD/THC Seekers, In-store smokers, Medical & Recreational users, Home Delivery
  • Best in Category: Over 50+ unique CBD products including edibles & tinctures 
  • Delivery: Yes — San Francisco & Bay Area
  • Smoking Area:  Yes
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Latin Quarter — Taquerias (Farolito), live music and bars

Menu Highlights

Best Value (CBD): Papa & Barkley Releaf Tincture 

Mission Cannabis Club (MCC) is puuure vibes, premium products, premium service, and an attention to detail that’s both inviting and edgy.

Formerly known as the Shambhala Medical Cannabis Collective, Mission Cannabis Club is conveniently located in the heart of the Mission district on Mission Street. 

They’ve been a neighbourhood favourite since 2010, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Stocking a range of high-quality products you’d expect from a top San Francisco dispensary, the MCC excels in its full range of CBD products. Customers can choose from over 50 unique CBD  products, including edibles and tinctures. 

Their website allows users to search for specific ratios of THC:CBD so you can really get the products and effects you’re looking for.

Neon lights meet well thought out displays as Mission budtenders purvey some of the finest cannabis products in the area, surrounded by gorgeous art and glass. 

Plus, with their smoking lounge, the MCC has taken their cannabis experience to the next level.

In the Vicinity

Nestled in the Latin Quarter of San Francisco, your munchies will be more than satisfied with an abundance of taquerias in the area (Farolito is our favorite). 

You can also wander the streets “mural-hopping” and admiring the abundance of street art, and there are enough bars and live music venues close-by to entertain every musical taste for days on end.

Most Convenient – Grass Roots Dispensary

    • Location: Post St. 
    • Who For: Cannabis users who love having a lot of options, Early Risers Late-Night Pick-ups, Medical & Recreational Users 
  • Best in Category: Over 500+ products and open 14 hours a day from early morning to late night
  • Delivery: No
  • Smoking Area: No
  • Cool Things In the Vicinity: Hilltop views, Tadu (Ethiopian Food), Great American Music Hall, Grace Cathedral, Cable Car & Museum

Menu Highlights

Best Value Bud: Nigerian Punch

Operating from their Post Street location for over two decades, Grass Roots Dispensary is a veteran in the San Francisco cannabis game. 

These cool cats will hook you up with everything you need to satisfy your marijuana-based desires, from early morning to late at night. 

They’re open for 14 hours of the day, every day, making them a super convenient spot for picking up prescriptions in the morning or stopping by for a late night pick-up (before 10pm) when all the other weed stores have closed. 

Putting together a huge offering of over 500+ products, the Grass Roots crew have sourced some incredible items, many of which won’t be found in your average dispensary. 

They’ll help you navigate your way through potent gel capsules and magical tinctures, which include CBN-containing products, alongside CBD and other combinations. Plus, their extracts are out of this world. 

It’s impossible not to tingle with excitement while browsing their website. 

With chocolates and flowers, gummies and creams, this really is a heavenly one-stop shop of cannabis goodness, and the budtenders stationed behind the long wooden bar take the ambience to the next level. 

In the Vicinity

You can catch some stunning views of the Bay near this dispensary’s hilltop location. 

Grab some Ethiopian food from Tadu and hit up the Great American Music Hall for some live music if you’re in the area at night. 

Gorgeous Grace Cathedral is so stunning it’ll knock your socks off, or check out the Cable Car Museum before enjoying a ride back into town.

Honourable Mentions

And finally, a shout-out to the top-notch weed spots that may not have earned a category, but are still holding it down for Bay Area cannabis culture and are consistently bringing their A-game. 

The bottom line is, San Francisco is overflowing with outstanding dispensaries, and no matter what your cannabis needs are, you’re bound to leave stoned and happy.