Indoor Quest- Smalls (21% THC) HALF Oz

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2 reviews for Indoor Quest- Smalls (21% THC) HALF Oz

  1. Justin Thomas (verified owner)

    This weed is the bombdamndiggity!! The stuff I got looks waaaay better than the picture shown here (Not sure who’s taking the pics for the website lol!). A sativa this good doesn’t come across the menu every day. I’ve already snatched up a half oz of this, gonna order more.. I wish sativas like this were always on the menu.

  2. Dominic Sansoni (verified owner)

    Quest is a awesome strain it’s perfectly dense yet light at the same time, very frosty does not look like the picture. It smokes extremely smooth as well it’s a wonderful Sativa that you don’t really get to run into a lot it’s reminds me of Maui Wowie would buy it again if still in stock!!

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