GANJA GOLD – KAYA DREAM – 25.7% THC – 1.2g Green Tarantula2022-06-13T09:51:44-07:00

GANJA GOLD – KAYA DREAM – 25.7% THC – 1.2g Green Tarantula

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Our signature Green Tarantulas are organic, strain specific, infused pre-rolls. Comprised of lab tested, Clean Green Certified flowers, rolled in raw natural paper, fortified with CO2 wax and coated in kief.

-Outdoor bud
-Strain Specific
-Clean Green Certified Organic
-Sun grown
-Outside coated in wax, hash, and kief
-Gold standard – ultra premium connoisseur grade
-100 – Satisfaction guaranteed
-Lab Tested & Strain Specific
-Burns like a blunt, hits like a dab!


Source: Leafly

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Weight 1.2 g


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