Granimals Duff (15.00% THC) Oz


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2 reviews for Granimals Duff (15.00% THC) Oz

  1. Travis Johnson (verified owner)

    While it’s not the most amazing stuff in the world, I was really impressed here. Strawberry Fields trims at 21% THC. What really surprised me is how much actual flower content this stuff is (basically entirely)…. I actually had to shred it finer, it had big enough chunks of flower in it. Tasted way better than I had thought, burned nicely, and by the time I was halfway through my cone, I was done. (And I’m 40… Not exactly a beginner)

    Mellow, but engaged. A little couch-locked, and maybe a little too in love with the rain. Physical affection is definitely highly interactive.

    My muscle spasms are better rn. Anxiety also. I’m pretty sure my insomnia will be better today. (Thank you Nature for this medicine)

    And again, two-times in a row shout out to my mobile budtender: Clarisa! She got recognized for her hard work before when I said something in a review. Cheers to the CaliXpress team. Don’t forget how hard they’re working to get your buds to you safely!

    Much kindness!

  2. Minela Arnautovich (verified owner)

    Wedding cake 25.1% THC oz

    The smoke can be seen in layered formS with different vivid colors and smells become clear scents with imaginative flavors and place of product.

    Nice chunky shake, great smell, potent, good for meditation. Stems smokable and has taste.

    It’s a one hit and get your dose.
    First drag gives me a mellow relaxing sensation, after the third hit I am ready to work but after the fifth hit I’m ready to sleep for two days. Gives my body a sense of extra energy for movement.

    Depending on how many times you inhale, it will give you different results.

    Great for medical care such as nerve damage and muscle aches especially for asthma too.

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