Due to the recent legislative changes regarding recreational and medical marijuana sweeping the nation and the scientific research that backs them, many people throughout the United States are starting to understand all the various physical and mental benefits that marijuana use can cause. But are there any drawbacks to regular cannabis use?

Even the most avid cannabis users and greatest marijuana lovers can agree that there is some connection between weed and memory loss. But is this a serious medical issue or simply an ignorable, temporary side effect caused by the use of cannabis. Does weed cause memory loss?

Is Memory Affected by Marijuana Usage?

Marijuana has an interesting relationship with memory. A poor ability to remember things has always stereotypically been associated with the use of cannabis. Still, is this relationship actually based in real science? Well, to be honest, the real correlation between weed and memory loss is not quite as obvious as it seems.

The Different Types of Memory

Before we understand if weed causes memory loss, we have to clarify that there are actually different types of memory. On top of this, it should also be noted that these types of memory are extremely hard to concretely measure.

There are only a few tests that can measure certain aspects of memory while presenting a semi-accurate representation of what someone can recall. However, the two main types of memory that seem to have any measurable association with cannabis use are short-term and long-term memory.

The Effect of Marijuana Use on Short-Term Memory

One of the primary compounds found in cannabis is the THC cannabinoid. THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive effect, or “high” that makes marijuana famous. This compound also seems to have an adverse effect on most people’s short-term memory.

does weed cause memory loss

The two most commonly noted memory symptoms while being under the influence of THC include:

  • A reduced ability to recall short-term memories.
  • An inhibited ability to form new memories.

These effects seem to be drastically reduced with marijuana users who have developed a high tolerance for THC from regular cannabis use. These negative memory effects seem to be quite temporary. Almost all users report that while their short-term memory recall is affected by recent use of marijuana, they are not hindered in their ability to recall those same memories over 6-24 hours after the effects of the THC has worn off.

The Effect of Marijuana Use on Long-Term Memory

Marijuana use and long-term memory seem to have no correlation at all. There seems to be no effect on the ability the recall long-term memories while under the influence of THC. This means you won’t have to worry about forgetting your birthday, name, or address while you are high!

One scientific study has noted that chronic use of marijuana for over 5 years could cause some users to develop a slightly lower verbal memory. However, their verbal memories were only negatively affected by less than a 5 percent difference from those who used marijuana less frequently or not at all.

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