When you step into a marijuana dispensary, you immediately become aware of all the different types of cannabis strains that are available. On top of this, each strain causes different medicinal benefits and psychoactive effects. That is why from DJ Short’s Blueberry to Bubba Kush and Northern Lights, there is bound to be a marijuana variety that is perfect for you.

Did you know that each of these different strains is made up of a mix of just two subspecies of cannabis? Let’s take a deeper dive into these two different marijuana varieties: indica and sativa.

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa

The two main marijuana subspecies not only cause different physiological effects within the body but also they actually look and grow differently. The sections below will give you all the information you need to figure out which cannabis plant types are best for you.

What Physical Effects Does a Sativa Cause?

Cannabis sativa is probably the most well-known subspecies of marijuana. It is certainly the variety that was originally sought for cultivation. This is primarily because sativas produce an amazingly mellow and cerebral high that most people desire.

A couple tokes of some sativa plants won’t leave you unable to move or think. Instead, the psychoactive effect they produce tends to be uplifting and energetic while promoting creativity. This is why many cannabis users say that sativas cause a “head high”. These effects also make sativas perfect for use during the daytime when you need your wits about you while you work and go on with your routine.

What Physical Effects Does an Indica Cause?

The psychoactive effect caused by sativas is quite different than those caused by indicas. Rather than producing an energetic mental psychoactive effect, indicas tend to produce a strong “body high” that is excellent at combating pain and nausea.

Indica cannabis plants help promote relaxation and sleep as well. Many indica users even report feeling so relaxed that they don’t feel like moving at all; this is a typical side effect known as “couch lock”.

Cannabis indica also has a tendency to cloud mental thoughts quite a bit. This is why indicas are often best used at night when you don’t need to be the sharpest tool in the shed and are getting ready for bed.

What Do Sativa Plants Look Like?

Sativa plants are generally derived from equatorial regions. In order to thrive in a hotter, more tropical environment with lots of direct sunlight, sativas have evolved to grow much taller and thinner than their indica cousins. When you see sativa plants or buds, you will notice that their leaves are long and slender. On top of this, in their natural outdoor environment, sativas plants have been known to grow up to ten feet tall.

indica vs sativa

What Do Indica Plants Look Like?

On the other hand, indica plants are far more stocky and bushy than sativas. They rarely grow much taller than 4 feet in their natural environment.

This growth pattern is one reason that indicas have dominated the marijuana black market. Shorter, stockier plants are simply easier to grow in secrecy and have a tendency to produce a higher quantity of buds per square feet than taller, spindly plants. When you see indica buds, you will notice that their leaves are shorter and wider than sativa varieties.

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